Huh Gak releases MV teaser for “I Told You I Wanna Die”

On November 7th, Huh Gak released the MV teaser for his upcoming digital single, “I Told You I Wanna Die“.

The music video sees the return of B2ST’s Junhyung, actor Lee Hyun Jin, and actress Kang Sora, who reprised their dramatic roles from “Hello“.

A Cube Entertainment stated, “The final part and hidden track digital single ‘I Told You I Wanna Die’ off Huh Gak’s first mini-album, “First Story”, will be revealed at 12AM on November 8th.

“I Told You I Wanna Die” was vying for the title track position in Huh Gak’s first mini-album, “First Story“. Though it lost out to “Hello”, A Cube felt that its powerful musicality deserved to be shown to the public, and so Huh Gak will be promoting this track in the upcoming weeks.

His agency continued, “The music video for ‘I Told You I Wanna Die’ will star B2ST’s Yong Junhyung and actor sKang Sora and Lee Hyun Jin. The music video will be linked to the video for ‘Hello’. Please look forward to seeing how the music video will end.

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i enjoyed it sooo much!! she wrote another fanfic titled ””
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yes yes, i love him!! (:

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[NEWS] Boyfriend, “We want to be like Big Bang seniors”

Boyfriend have six members, the twin brothers Youngmin-Kwangmin (16) and Minwoo (16). These three were child actors before their debut with “Boyfriend”. Hyunseong (18) was part of a rock band in 6th grade and he played the drums. Jungmin(17) learned music composing under the Suwon Youth Arts Festival and leader Donghyun (22) made an appearance on KBS2 TV ‘Conduct Zero’.

In recent years many girl-groups have debuted, Boyfriend who recently debuted took the attention of many even amongst all the girl groups. Yet it is now the starting point for their future growth because they have potential. For that, they are targeting certain seniors to do it.

Donghyun, Hyunseong, Minwoo, and Kwangmin all chose Big Bang. They respect the colors that each of the members possess. Even though they all chose Big Bang, Youngmin chose TVXQ. “It’s not because of the songs. I think singer should sing well, they sing well” he said.

🙂 🙂 🙂 Do I need to explain my feelings? ^^

source: young___a♥ @ B-Nation edited: Sammi@ibigbang

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[NEWS] SM, JYP and YG come together to discover the next KPOP Star!

Top Korean talent agencies JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment will come together for the first time ever to discover the next K-pop star.

A press release by promoter 3HW.Com on Tuesday announced that the three talent firms will take part in a global auditioning TV program titled “Survival Audition KPOP STAR” set to go on air on major broadcasting channel SBS around December.

Park Jin-young’s JYP, Lee Soo-man’s SM and Yang Hyun-suk’s YG are responsible for discovering and managing the careers of some of the most successful idol stars in Korea — JYP is in charge of the Wonder Girls and 2PM, SM of TVXQ, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation, and YG of Big Bang and 2NE1.

As its name shows, “KPOP STAR” will be in the format of a survival competition where aspiring artists will be judged on various aspects including singing and dancing for both talent and star quality. Auditions will take place overseas as well.

The winner of the show will receive prize money and secure a contract with one of the three agencies through which he or she will release an album.

Auditions are open to everyone around the world and SBS’s website will open up for registration

Anyone with an AWESOME talent here?:) This is really a great opportunity for people to SHINE! OMG! we’re talking bout SM, JYP AND YG!!! 🙂 @#$^%&^





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[VIDEO] Unseen rehearsal scenes of Big Bang on Mnet M Soundplex!

aigoo~ Seungri goon…. *speechless* ^^

Credit: bbvipz &  bigbanghavenYT02 @ YT

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