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“Oppa Has Arrived” carries a retro feel with its lively rhythm and cheerful lyrics. 

Meanwhile, “First Love” (which was written by OUR FISH DONGHAE OPPA himself), is a ballad with a simple melody, accompanied by a piano and strings.

What I can say is that this project is a bonus for Eunhae stans like myself!!! kekekekekeke~~~
E.L.F, LET’S SHOUT, “OPPA, OPPA!!!” kekekeke~


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Santa U Are The One MV ~

SM Entertainment has released a Christmas special song!!! 🙂 And yeah, our SUPER JUNIOR is the one singing it! hehehe. *At last, SM treated them equally*

kekekekeke~~~ In this MV, we can see all SM artists!! gyyyaaaahhh~ They are awesomeeee ^^



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[NEWS] SM, JYP and YG come together to discover the next KPOP Star!

Top Korean talent agencies JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment will come together for the first time ever to discover the next K-pop star.

A press release by promoter 3HW.Com on Tuesday announced that the three talent firms will take part in a global auditioning TV program titled “Survival Audition KPOP STAR” set to go on air on major broadcasting channel SBS around December.

Park Jin-young’s JYP, Lee Soo-man’s SM and Yang Hyun-suk’s YG are responsible for discovering and managing the careers of some of the most successful idol stars in Korea — JYP is in charge of the Wonder Girls and 2PM, SM of TVXQ, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation, and YG of Big Bang and 2NE1.

As its name shows, “KPOP STAR” will be in the format of a survival competition where aspiring artists will be judged on various aspects including singing and dancing for both talent and star quality. Auditions will take place overseas as well.

The winner of the show will receive prize money and secure a contract with one of the three agencies through which he or she will release an album.

Auditions are open to everyone around the world and SBS’s website will open up for registration

Anyone with an AWESOME talent here?:) This is really a great opportunity for people to SHINE! OMG! we’re talking bout SM, JYP AND YG!!! 🙂 @#$^%&^





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[MV] M&D_뭘봐(Close Ur Mouth) ?! (:

SUPER JUNIOR’s HEECHUL and TRAX’s JUNGMO came together to form a new project group called ‘M&D‘ and their debut track music video for ‘Close Ur Mouth‘ has now been released!

In addition, SUPREME TEAM’s SIMON D, MISS A’s JIA, FT ISLAND’s HONGKI & JONGHOON, B2ST’s YONG JUNHYUNG and comedian KIM KYEONGJIN made special appearances in the music video.

Heechul tweeted, “M&D movie is out. Kyungjin, Simon D, Hongshi, Jonghoon, Yong Yong. Meloacting by Jia. Because of the hot tempered director, the MV filming was completed in 10 minutes ㅋㅋ Jungmo said he’d be so late so we didn’t wait for him and just shot our cuts and left ㅋㅋ D is a man that doesn’t wait.”


SIMON D is LOL! hahaha. I love the way he smirks :p and and and Junhyung’s dance, LOLOLOL!!! hahahaha, i can’t stop laughing ! hongki hongki hongki is LOVE! and i bet SIMON D is talking to LADY JANE on the phone :p AND JIA, you are sooooooo lucky !!! 😦

I bet all of them enjoy filming this MV ! it is soooo cool ! (: kekeke~

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[ RANDOM VIDEO] compilation of SUPER JUNIOR ‘NO OTHER’ performances.

IT’S A MUST WATCH !! I laughed a lot watching this video!! hahahaha. 

this is part 8. there are lots more!!! go and check it out!! i find that part 8 is the most aweeeesome! kekeke~ E.L.F, go and watch it ! (: kkekeke~

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credits to  @YT !!! 

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Super Junior and SHINee dance in front of Notre Dame cathedral

On June 13th, Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk tweeted a group picture of himself with his fellow Super Junior members, SHINee, and their managers in front of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

Leeteuk wrote, “Super Junior, SHINee, and the manager hyungs in front of Notre Dame. Hyungs and dongsengs, let’s be together forever! I love you all.”

Dressed casually in jeans and T-shirts, the group beamed happily, as if it were a family photo. Fans commented, “Asia’s hottest men have made an appearance in Paris!”, “I’m so proud of you guys”, “Jealous of the French ladies right now”, and “I hope your friendship really does lasts forever.”

Fans also caught them dancing to “Sorry Sorry” and “Ring Ding Dong” on camera, so check it out below!

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Credits to Allkpop

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Super Junior releases ‘BIJIN’ MV

On May 24th, Hallyu boy group Super Junior released the official music video for “BIJIN“, which is the Japanese version of “BONAMANA“.

Super Junior made this version extra special by using the live performance from their ‘3rd Asia Tour – Super Show 3′ in Japan’s Yokohoma Arena, which was held this past February from the 18th through the 20th. Check out the video below!

Credits: Allkpop

This brings back the memories of SS3 SG!! How i miss these boys 😥
SS4 i’m waiting for you! :))

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