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Santa U Are The One MV ~

SM Entertainment has released a Christmas special song!!! 🙂 And yeah, our SUPER JUNIOR is the one singing it! hehehe. *At last, SM treated them equally*

kekekekeke~~~ In this MV, we can see all SM artists!! gyyyaaaahhh~ They are awesomeeee ^^



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[NEWS] SM, JYP and YG come together to discover the next KPOP Star!

Top Korean talent agencies JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment will come together for the first time ever to discover the next K-pop star.

A press release by promoter 3HW.Com on Tuesday announced that the three talent firms will take part in a global auditioning TV program titled “Survival Audition KPOP STAR” set to go on air on major broadcasting channel SBS around December.

Park Jin-young’s JYP, Lee Soo-man’s SM and Yang Hyun-suk’s YG are responsible for discovering and managing the careers of some of the most successful idol stars in Korea — JYP is in charge of the Wonder Girls and 2PM, SM of TVXQ, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation, and YG of Big Bang and 2NE1.

As its name shows, “KPOP STAR” will be in the format of a survival competition where aspiring artists will be judged on various aspects including singing and dancing for both talent and star quality. Auditions will take place overseas as well.

The winner of the show will receive prize money and secure a contract with one of the three agencies through which he or she will release an album.

Auditions are open to everyone around the world and SBS’s website will open up for registration

Anyone with an AWESOME talent here?:) This is really a great opportunity for people to SHINE! OMG! we’re talking bout SM, JYP AND YG!!! 🙂 @#$^%&^





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[VIDEO] Lotte Duty Free (Japanese version)

So I’M LOVING all of you~

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[VIDEOS/Full HD MV] IU & Kim Yuna – Ice Flower

LOL! I don’t know why some people are getting angry, they think the vid wasn’t suppose to call and MV as any amateur video editor can certainly do this video. *SIGH* Whatever others may think, I like the vid! this song is produce for the KIM YUNA Kiss and Cry show, so I personally don’t think its that necessary to actually produce an MV.

I LOVE the show, but I only managed to find the subs vids only for the 1st episode 😦 so i can only watch the remaining episodes without subs 😦 If you guys watch the show, you guys should know that IU personally request for a duet song for the show with Kim Yuna!:)

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[VIDEO]Yunho’s Naked Confession about Trip to Bora Bora

Yunho surprised the audience of ‘Strong Heart’ by sharing an story about TVXQ and their trip to Bora Bora. The five members visited the island at that time and started to play on the water with the staff members. They were so excited that even took out their swimming trunks and were playing naked on the beach. Ho Dong was completely astonished about the situation. But that was not all that happened, since Yunho mentioned that the female members of the staff went to find them. The boys were so embarrassed that decided to hide on the water so they could find their swimming trunks and wear them.

@!%&^(*&%)_(%&#W$!@^%(*^ He looked soo happy telling the story~ maybe he remembered something~ *dirtyYUNJAEdirty* OMO~ MISS DBSK!!!!!!!!!! YUNHO, JAEJOONG, YUCHUN, JUNSU, CHANGMIN ~ FTW! #AKTF CASSIES!

Thank god no one saw them (especially Jaejoong!) ,<3 heheheehe The vid start around 4:55


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[NEWS/VIDEO] Seungri ranks 6th on Section TV’s Celebrities that have a successful business

I hope that ‘Seungri Academy’ will be a hugggeee SUCCESS! For those who don’t really know what exactly is ‘Seungri Academy’ is, it is actually a dance academy that Seungri along with Minzy (2NE1),Yunho (DBSK) & Hara (Kara) studied in called “Plug In Music Academy” based in Gwangju. Seungri loved the academy so much that he invested in them. He helped the academy branch out into 3 [Gwangju’s Main Branch,Daejeon & Mokpo]. Daejeon branch is popularized as “Seungri Academy” and is moderated by Seungri’s father on the daily basis.

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[NEWS] Experts rate idol actors

#1Big Bang’s TOP (Choi Seung Hyun)

has been evaluated as the idol-turned-actor with the most successful acting career and the most potential for growth. A panel of 7 experts, including the directors of the three major broadcasting companies, evaluated the ‘acting careers till now’ and ‘potential for growth’ for 11 idol-turned-actors who have been active in the past two years through dramas and movies. Choi Seung Hyun came out on top for both with average scores of 7.6 and 8.

According to the experts, “His bold and clear image is his charm”(Ahn Hyuk Mo) and “It’s time for him to expand his acting career.” Choi Seung Hyun received the Best Male Newcomer Award at the Baeksang Arts Awards for his role in the movie ‘Into the Crossfire’

#2. Park Yoochun 7.7
“When he sings, I see him as an artiste but when he acts, I see him as an idol.”

The experts who participated in this evaluation: Director of the KBS Drama Bureau: Ko Myung Tak, Head Of The Entertainment Department at Sports Donga: Kim Jaebum, Director of iHQ Acting Academy: Ahn Hyuk Mo, Professor of Korean Literature at Choongnam University (Drama Critic): Yoon Seok Jin, Director of MBC’s Drama Bureau: Lee Dae Young, Pop Culture Critic: Lee Moon Won, Director of SBS’ Drama Bureau: Heo Woong.

Second place in both fields was given to JYJ’s Park Yoochun (7, 7.7)  Park Yoochun debuted through the drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ last year and is currently acting in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’.

Regarding Park Yoochun, the experts said, “He needs to maintain his dry fluidity,”(Yoon Seok Jin) and “He has potential as a melodrama actor.”(Lee Dae Young)

while third place went to 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon (6.6, 7.6). Ok Taecyeon debuted through ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ and played the leading role in ‘Dream High’ this year. Regarding Ok Taecyeon, they said, “He is serious about his work and has star quality. What he lacks is the time to focus all his energy on acting.” (Lee Moon Won)


The rest part of this ‘survey’ is omitted. But you can see that at #4 Super Junior’s Siwon with 7.0, T-ara’s Eunjeung and Jiyeon at # 5 & #6 at 6.4 & 5.6 respectively. While CN Blue’s Leader, Jung Yonghwa at #6 with 5.6 too.

And others like Jay #8 with 5.1, Kim Hyun Joong #9 with 5.0, Hara & UEE at #10 with 4.3.

I must say that I’m proud of both my TOP and YUCHUN! ~ ❤ I’m quite shock at Kim Hyun Joong’s result though… I think he deserves better score…no?? 🙂

‘Source: [donga]
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