[NEWS] Boyfriend, “We want to be like Big Bang seniors”

13 Jul

Boyfriend have six members, the twin brothers Youngmin-Kwangmin (16) and Minwoo (16). These three were child actors before their debut with “Boyfriend”. Hyunseong (18) was part of a rock band in 6th grade and he played the drums. Jungmin(17) learned music composing under the Suwon Youth Arts Festival and leader Donghyun (22) made an appearance on KBS2 TV ‘Conduct Zero’.

In recent years many girl-groups have debuted, Boyfriend who recently debuted took the attention of many even amongst all the girl groups. Yet it is now the starting point for their future growth because they have potential. For that, they are targeting certain seniors to do it.

Donghyun, Hyunseong, Minwoo, and Kwangmin all chose Big Bang. They respect the colors that each of the members possess. Even though they all chose Big Bang, Youngmin chose TVXQ. “It’s not because of the songs. I think singer should sing well, they sing well” he said.

🙂 🙂 🙂 Do I need to explain my feelings? ^^

source: young___a♥ @ B-Nation edited: Sammi@ibigbang

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