[PHOTOS] GD & TOP Logo & Album Cover Design!

03 Jul

Hello. This is YG Entertainment.

Thank you for giving so much love to the GD&TOP 1st Album that was released last year on December 24th.

The GD&TOP bunny logo was mentioned many times in GD&TOP’s interviews because the logo was designed as an image of a bunny’s ears combined with the victory “V” hand sign, based on the Playboy Enterprises International Inc.’s bunny logo.

However, the company did not receive permission regarding the original bunny logo trademark rights that belongs to Playboy, so it has no association with Playboy’s work.

The company has considered the confusion from the issue and has received a polite request from Playboy Inc., and accordingly, we have decided to no longer use GD&TOP’s bunny logo.

Sales of the GD&TOP album that used the bunny logo will be halted, and the release of a NEW COVER Ver. with a new logo is planned for July.

We ask for everyone’s interest and support for the newly designed GD&TOP 1st Album New COVER Ver. (same content as the existing version) to be released in July.

Thank you!!

I prefer thisversion than the bunny logo! should have just come out with this~ ANYWAYS, GTOP FTW!

Translated: sara@bbupdates
Credit : YGE via Bestiz &john teshyeahbigbangstuff@tumblr +soompi_bigbang

{ADMIN: insoooinlove}

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