[VIDEO] Shaun Evaristo reveals he will return to Korea to work with G-Dragon & Teayang!!

26 Jun

Shaun Evaristo, a choreographer that’s previously worked with Big Bang, revealed in an inteview that he has “stuff” to work on with GD & Taeyang very soon when he returns to Korea

I’m just glad that they’re doing something. whether its GD solo, or YB solo, GDYB duo, GTOP duo or whatever as long as they don’t stop their entire activity,I’M MORE THAN HAPPY! Jinjja! Even though its quite heartbreaking to see the members doing activities without Daesung oppa.. 🙂

source: pacificrimvideo@yt via: juang_bb@soompi

{ADMIN: insoooinlove}

” A VIP who supports BIG BANG. Supports Choi SeungHyun. Supports Kwon JiYoung. Supports Dong YongBae. Supports Kang Daesung. Supports Lee SeungHyun. FOREVER. “


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Posted by on June 26, 2011 in Big Bang


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