[NEWS] B1A4 Landed themselves a Thai CF deal with “Big Cola“!

26 Jun

B1A4 is quickly rising as one of the biggest rookie groups this year, and they’re already regarded as a ‘blue chip’ in the advertising industry. Just two months into their debut, B1A4 landed themselves a Thai CF deal with “Big Cola“!

This comes just after their joint CF deal with Block B for “Tropicana Sparkling“, as well as a slew of other offers in the works for drinks, clothing, and accessories.

On June 22nd, the boys visited the streets of Insa-dong with top Thai actress May Pitchanat and filmed late into the night. After the filming, B1A4 gave both Pitchanat and the Thai staff traditional Korean presents.

The boys are currently running fan signings nation-wide, as well as starring in the MTV reality show, ‘Match Up‘.

 Keep soaring HIIIIGH my boys! Will support you guys! Ouh and if you guys watched MTV, its no wonder we can spot some of the cola cans on their table! 

Source + Photos: BNT News via Nate

Credits: AKP

{ADMIN: insoooinlove}

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