[NEWS] Police confirm that motorcyclist Hyun died from Daesung’s car crash

24 Jun

On June 24th, the Seoul, Youngdeungpo police revealed, “Hyun, the deceased motorcyclist involved inDaesung’s car accident, died from Daesung’s collision.  As a result, the police will be making a dispatch to charge him without detention.”

On this day, the Youngdeungpo police held a press conference revealing their investigations and confirmed that there was only a 132 second window between the first accident and the collision with Daesung’s car.  They revealed, “There was only about two minutes between his motorcycle accident and Daesung’s accident, so we have determined that Hyun did not die in that time frame.  There were not a lot of cars on the road and the speed limit was 60km/h, but we discovered through the taxi’s video that he was speeding at 70 to 80 km/h.”

When asked to confirm whether there was a previous hit-and-run accident, police stated, “It has nothing to do with the case. There weren’t a lot of cars on the road at the time, and his alcohol level was 0.186.  It has nothing to do with a hit-and-run.”

With confirmation that Hyun was killed by Daesung’s car, what Daesung will be charged for is currently unknown.  The law currently states that he could be jailed for under five years, or pay a penalty of $20,000 USD.

We need to stay strong VIPs for uri DAESUNG! so that we can see his angel smile again! it will be harder for him without our support. Therefore we have to show that we care for him and do our best to hide our sadness and disappointment so 😥  but 🙂

ADMIN insoooinlove will be gone for the whole day or maybe few days, hope you understand! Even so, do stay tune for latest kpop updates from the other admins~! 😥 🙂


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