[MV] M&D_뭘봐(Close Ur Mouth) ?! (:

23 Jun

SUPER JUNIOR’s HEECHUL and TRAX’s JUNGMO came together to form a new project group called ‘M&D‘ and their debut track music video for ‘Close Ur Mouth‘ has now been released!

In addition, SUPREME TEAM’s SIMON D, MISS A’s JIA, FT ISLAND’s HONGKI & JONGHOON, B2ST’s YONG JUNHYUNG and comedian KIM KYEONGJIN made special appearances in the music video.

Heechul tweeted, “M&D movie is out. Kyungjin, Simon D, Hongshi, Jonghoon, Yong Yong. Meloacting by Jia. Because of the hot tempered director, the MV filming was completed in 10 minutes ㅋㅋ Jungmo said he’d be so late so we didn’t wait for him and just shot our cuts and left ㅋㅋ D is a man that doesn’t wait.”


SIMON D is LOL! hahaha. I love the way he smirks :p and and and Junhyung’s dance, LOLOLOL!!! hahahaha, i can’t stop laughing ! hongki hongki hongki is LOVE! and i bet SIMON D is talking to LADY JANE on the phone :p AND JIA, you are sooooooo lucky !!! 😦

I bet all of them enjoy filming this MV ! it is soooo cool ! (: kekeke~

**admin RosssieeeY**


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