23 Jun

my first reaction is…… hey, THIS IS A RESPONSE TO BOYFRIEND’s “will you be my girlfriend?” kekekeke~

they are so living their innocent image. i like it!! A PINK, fighting!!! (:

here, watch the MV !!

and let’s hope that A-PINK’s leader, PARK CHORONG get well soon 😦 she is suffering from an eye infection 😦


Chorong is said to be feeling severe pain, as her eye not only swelled up tremendously, but has also been secreting pus. Her condition has been affecting her “All My Love” recording as well.

Furthermore, with A Pink’s “It Girl” promotions just around the corner, Chorong is said to be suffering from a lot of anxiety and stress.

Her company stated, “Fortunately, she has improved significantly. We expect her to be back to her old self within a day or two. It will not affect her follow-up promotions.”

**ADMIN RosssieeeY**

Source: Newsen via Nate



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