[EVENT/UPDATES]B1A4 “Let’s Fly” Singapore Showcase 2011

23 Jun

B1A4 in not only popular in Korea, they have also received recognition from overseas fans. Three weeks ago, when Reer Media released a little information of B1A4’s Singapore Tour in August via Internet has captured B1A4’s fans’ attention. We would like to announce again that B1A4’s First Stop outside Korea is SINGAPORE! As their first overseas performance, the organizer received emails from Singaporean and international fans from Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and others. The fans are eager to come to Singapore to support B1A4’s first overseas performance.

Event Information

B1A4 “Let’s Fly Showcase

Date: 9th of August 2011, Tuesday

Time: 2PM

Venue: Rock Auditorium, SUNTEC Singapore

Organizer: Reer Media

Program Outline

1) Meet and Greet Session (Autograph and high-five Session)

2) Showcase and Fanmeet Session

*B1A4 Let’s Fly Singapore Showcase 2011 will include performance by B1A4 and a special event prepared for them. Fans will also be able to play games with them as a part of the fanmeet.

*One of members (Gongchan) birthday fall on August, all August babies will have the chance to blow out the candles with him on stage.

Ticket Information

Ticket Pricing: S$118 / S$98 / S$68(restricted view)

Ticket Sales Date: 22nd of June 2011, Wednesday via Ticketbooth

Special Student Promotion

From now till 9th July 2011, students can enjoy $10 discount off per ticket price. You can purchase for 2 tickets per pass

Seating Plan

B1A4 “Let’s Fly” Singapore Autograph + Hi5 Meet & Greet Session 2011

Date: 8th of August 2011, Monday

Time: 7PM

Venue: Iluma @ Bugis Junction

Ticket Pricing: S$68 / S$58 / S$48

$68 – You can obtain a Korean import CD with autography from B1A4 (Only for 200 people)

$58 – You can shake hands or give HI-5 B1A4 and obtain a poster with their signatures. (Only for 100 people)

$48 – You can take a group picture of 20 people, excluding B1A4 (Photo Session will be held before the Showcase on 9 August 2011)

*The above-mentioned entrance passes for the Meet & Greet Session can only be purchased by those who have purchased $98 or $118 tickets for the showcase. In order to allow all the fans to have the chance to get up-close and personal B1A4, one ticket can be allowed to purchase one entrance pass.

Flight Information

B1A4’s Arrival in Singapore

Date: 7th August 2011, Sunday

Time: 2.00 p.m. (subjected to changes)

Flight: KE643 Korean Airline

For further information, do visit Reer Media’s Facebook Page and Twitter.

For those who want to attend this event, keep checking the FB page and their twitter acc. As there could be changes and announcements. Do take note that you MUST purchase the SHOWCASE EVENT tickets ($118 & &$98 ONLY) in order to attend the FANMEET event. You cannot purchase the fanmeet event without buying the showcase ticket!

SO THIS IS KILLING ME!!ILLUMA is 1 of my FAVE place to hang out and just release my STRESS! but now its even more stressful when I cant attend their fanmeet! anyways, I’ve said once that I’m confident that in future, there’ll be a kpop band who’ll hold their fanmeet event @ Illuma… just didn’t expect B1A4 will be the 1st one! 🙂


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