[NEWS] B2ST talks about the Big Bang and 2pm comparisons

19 Jun

B2ST has been named the strongest competitor for Big Bang and 2PM thanks to their recent streak of success, but the boys themselves don’t think so.

In an interview with E Daily, the members of B2ST opened up about their competition and the direction of their career. The boys began, “We’ve been really happy lately, and have even begun wondering whether we’ve ever received such love since our debut.

On 2PM and Big Bang, they revealed, “A lot of people compare us to Big Bang and 2PM and say that we’re at the height of our fame. Although we feel good hearing that, it’s also scary. We honestly think that it’s too early for us to hear such praise.”

They continued, “If we’re already at the height of our fame, then there’s no way to go but down. We still think we have a long road left and promise to work hard at everything as if it was our first time.

I dont really like article like this.. It can spark disagreements between fans. I personally love all 3 of them! So, to me each and everyone of them have their own style! 🙂 There should’nt be any comparison! but this is certainly a great competition between the best of the Daebaks!

{ADMIN: insoooinlove}

source: akp

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