[TRANSLATIONS] Seungri’s UFO Fan replies!

12 Jun


Note: UFO is an online site where Korean fans leave messages for their favorite idols and then the idols can choose to reply back with a normal message or a video message. These are Seungri’s replies.
Seungri ah, how can we see all of you?
– Come to Korea ^^

Seungri-goon, take care of yourself~if you become a panda then you can’t eat meat anymore.
– Does that mean if I become as fat as a panda that I can’t eat meat anymore?

Seungri ah, I think I prefer you being funny…although I think it’s cool when you’re a cute boy too.
– You like it when I’m being funny? ^^

Seungri ah, yesterday I dreamed of you…that was my wish for the whole day and it finally happened at night! Hehe, I hope I dream of you every day.
– Give me money for appearing hehe ^^

Ah…noona has been sick for the past few days. It hurts. Seungri ah, say something comforting to noona.
– Listen to our music ^^ Music can cure your sickness.

Seungri ah, I’m on a diet. Buy me something to eat!
– ^^ What do you want to eat?

Seungri oppa, come here and give me a hug! One more week until our exam! I’m scared oppa…pray that I’ll be okay! I want Jiyong oppa too!
– Come here…I’ll give you a hug ^^

Seungri oppa, are you having fun with your activities in Japan? You must study hard for your Japanese! P.S. You also need to study hard for Chinese ^n^
– ^^ Chinese is so hard.

Ha~~~Seungri ah! Even though you’re older than me by a year but I still want you to call me noona! ~>_<~
– Hoho…no I don’t want to.

Seungri, have you been sleeping well? It seems your dark circles have become worse. Rest more…otherwise I’ll be sad…
– Dark circles are my charisma though ^^

Seungri ah! Can you give your phone number to me? I’ll give you a call and then we can talk? Does Jiyong oppa have a girlfriend? Tell the truth!
– Ah, that’s a secret.

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