[VIDEO]Yunho’s Naked Confession about Trip to Bora Bora

10 Jun

Yunho surprised the audience of ‘Strong Heart’ by sharing an story about TVXQ and their trip to Bora Bora. The five members visited the island at that time and started to play on the water with the staff members. They were so excited that even took out their swimming trunks and were playing naked on the beach. Ho Dong was completely astonished about the situation. But that was not all that happened, since Yunho mentioned that the female members of the staff went to find them. The boys were so embarrassed that decided to hide on the water so they could find their swimming trunks and wear them.

@!%&^(*&%)_(%&#W$!@^%(*^ He looked soo happy telling the story~ maybe he remembered something~ *dirtyYUNJAEdirty* OMO~ MISS DBSK!!!!!!!!!! YUNHO, JAEJOONG, YUCHUN, JUNSU, CHANGMIN ~ FTW! #AKTF CASSIES!

Thank god no one saw them (especially Jaejoong!) ,<3 heheheehe The vid start around 4:55


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