[NEWS]’You’ve Fallen for Me’ Staff Desperate Because of Kang Min Hyuk

10 Jun

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The production team of MBC’s new drama ‘You’ve Fallen for Me’ doesn’t know what to do about C.N. Blue’s Kang Min Hyuk. It can’t be helped. No matter how hard the staff tries to make him look unkempt, Kang Min Hyuk still looks stylish, in any outfit.

For MBC’s ‘You’ve Fallen for Me’, starring C.N. Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye, C.N. Blue’s drummer, Kang Min Hyuk, has taken over the role of Yeo Joon.
Although he’s become the leader of the handsome band of The Stupid, Yeo Joon is a glutton who likes to wear sportswear not caring about his outer appearance.

In order to portray this character credibly, the staff members of ‘You’ve Fallen for Me’ have done their best to make Kang Min Hyuk look disheveled. However, no matter what outfit he put on, it suit him perfectly, and he looked as stylish as ever.
“At first we thought that we could dress him with just a neck wear sportswear or T-shirt, but the production team discovered that no matter what clothes Kang Min Hyuk wore, they all suit him well, and we don’t know what to do. We had to prepare to maximize the costumes of Kang Min Hyuk’s character in order to be ready to go into filming”, one of the staff members stated.

Meanwhile, MBC will start airing ‘You’ve Fallen for Me’ on 29th June.

Come on….its its the GORGEOUS C.N. Blue’s drummer, Kang Min Hyuk we’re talking about now~ of course its going to be hard to make him look unkempt! 🙂 RIGHT, boice?





Source: Chosun
Translated by omonOona & Jacinthoriya

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