[NEWS] Daesung will not be attending Korean Music Wave 2011 in Singapore

09 Jun

Korean Music Wave 2011 which will be held on July 15 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium has confirmed that Daesung will not be attending the concert. G-Dragon, TOP, Seungri and Taeyang will still be attending. However, they will not be performing any Big Bang songs instead they will perform on duo and solo stages.

I guess BIGBANG is really having a hard time now…Its okay! as long as our Dae recovers, I’m okay with it~ eventhough it means I can’t meet Daesung in Singapore! 😦 I guess VIPs that going to the concert will be enjoying Taeyang’s solo, Maknae’s solo and G-top! AH! maybe G-top will be performing Oh yeah together with Park Bom! :)) or even better! there could be a DARAGON MOMENT! espeecially if they perform HELLO!! ^^ Ah~ I guess eventhough the stage wont be as explosive because of Dae’s absence….BIGBANG WILL SURELY SET THE PLACE ON FIRE!!

Source: Korean Music Wave 2011


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