[Interview] X-5 Q&A IN JUNIOR MAG MAY 2011

09 Jun

This article use their real name instead of their stage name. For their Profile info, you can check here!

2. X-5 is…
Jinwan: …the coolest/greatest group in the world.
Donghyun: …the brightest group of stars.
Haewon: …a sunny spring
Hyunseok: …one
Hyeonjin: …a charm that is addictive and bouncy like coke.


3. Which singer/song has influenced you/is significant to you
Jinwan: Drunken Tiger – ‘I Want You’
Donghyun: Jason Mraz – ‘Geek in the Pink’
Haewon: Billy Joel
Hyunseok: Shinhwa – ‘Wild Eyes’
Hyeonjin: Eminem – Lose Yourself

4. Now that you’ve debuted, which artist would you like to meet
Jinwan: Tiger JK
Donghyun: Kim Bumsu sunbaenim, Lee Seungchul sunbaenim (I want to see you ♥)
Haewon: Lee Seungchul
Hyunseok: Shinhwa sunbaenim
Hyeonjin: Eminem

5. A bad habit
Jinwan: I bite my nails
Donghyun: Sometimes I bite my nails
Haewon: I touch my head and apply lipbalm frequently.
Hyunseok: [T/N: I’m not sure what he said]
Hyeonjin: I speak fast

6. Charm point
Jinwan: When practicing [T/N: I think he misunderstood the question and answered for the time/point he’s most charming lol]
Donghyun: Dazzling and refreshing
Haewon: Sweet voice
Hyunseok: My smile
Hyeonjin: When I laugh

7. Nickname
Jinwan: Wondukong [T/N: I’m not exactly sure what that means]
Donghyun: Please give me a nickname ♥
Haewon: Haega [T/N: Taken from Haewon, but ‘haega’ also means ‘sun’]
Hyunseok: Sson. My real name is Son Hyunseok.
Hyeonjin: Jinjin, Koala [T/N: the third nickname was one I wasn’t sure how to translate exactly. 햇반이 is like…Cookie, but not as in a cookie, as in…a cute way to say ‘The Cook’ haha]

8. Strengths / weaknesses
Jinwan: Bright / simple
Donghyun: Passionate / obsessively competitive
Haewon: Sensitive / too quiet
Hyunseok: Positive mind control [T/N: lol That’s exactly how he said it, but I think he means he has a positive mindset] / hasty/wary
Hyeonjin: Good memory / Difficult to understand because [he] talks fast.

9. The words suddenly in your head/exactly what you’re feeling now
Jinwan: I’m hungry
Donghyun: Love, Taefung
Haewon: I’m happy
Hyunseok: X-5 daebak!
Hyeonjin: Hunger

Cute boys! OMO~ is DONGHYUN(Taefung) in charge of acting cute?? then, what will the maknae do? 😉 I love the answers to the last question!

source: may edition of junior magazine; trans: hyeonzin@tumblr

{admin: insoooinlove}

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