[FANCAMS] 110603 Yongsan Fansigning

08 Jun

here are some famcams from b2st’s Yongsan fansigning. these are my favourites, hehe.


hahaha, so unorganised ending.. but it was cute (: what exactly is seungie doing there?? haha.

dooooooooobong….. OMG, you killed me!! :p i loooove the response when he asked, “do you wanna hug?” hahhaa.

poor Gwangie ;( he must be tired…however i find him still attractive even when yawning :p

i’m jealous of b2uties there 😦 look at how Doojoon looked at them… awww~~ **look at their manager behind doobong @0:55, isn’t he handsome :p hahaha.

joker!! how could you do that!! i almost fainted, hehe~

hahahahahhahahaa, uri maknae, as usual, scared of bugs :p Gwangie expression is priceless :p

poor seobie, hungry…. seungie standing on the chair is LOL. haha~

uri 4D seungie can be clueless too, you know :p

THAT’S ALL B2UTIES! hehe, watch it more at YT.

**admin RosssieeeY**’

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