[VID] SHINee on Mezamashi TV.

26 May

SHINee appeared on Mezamashi TV this morning in Japan with special footage, including the making of Replay and now there’s good news for fans! The long wait has been cut dramatically short. The full PV of Replay (You Are My Everything) will be released at noon, 27th May, that is tomorrow!

SHINee will release the full version of the music video for their Japan debut single Replay through EMI Music Japan’s official YouTube channel on 27 May.

The music video featuring SNSD Yoona will show each SHINee member’s different styles.

The teaser, posted on 16 May, was ranked 1st in the category of Japanese musicians and 2nd in the category of world’s musicians on YouTube.

The ringtones for Replay and Hello, released respectively on 28 April and on 14 May through Japan’s largest mobile site Rekochoku, made history by topping the daily chaku uta chart. For the first time in the history of Rekochoku, songs from the same single album topped the daily chart consecutively.

Replay is the Japanese version of Noona Is So Pretty, SHINee’s popular debut song in Korea.

Credits: omonatheydidn’t & YouTube


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