JYJ’s Junsu finds Jaejoong homeless at an airport

23 May

Is Kim Jaejoong homeless?

On May 22nd, JYJ member Kim Junsu revealed pictures of members waiting at an airport on his Twitter.

In a picture that looks to be taken secretly by Junsu, Jaejoong is trying to sleep on the floor covering his face. “Homeless at an airport…our director Kim..I’m sorry I can’t protect you…ke,” wrote Junsu with the picture.

In another picture , Junsu is wearing sunglasses with his lips sticking out.

Netizens are commenting, “You look so tired. I’m so sorry,” “I wish you the best at your concerts in America.”

SourceNate + @0101xiahtic

LOL they’re too humble. Nobody would’ve thought that homeless guy is from Asia’s famous  group ^___^ He makes fangirls want to bring him into their be precise..their beds XD  

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One response to “JYJ’s Junsu finds Jaejoong homeless at an airport

  1. insoooinlove

    May 24, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    Excuse meeee!!! Erm, Jaejoong only belongs to MY bed..from now going to check every guy who’s sleeping at the airport with a camera in my hand!^^ a gentle reminder…JAEJOONG IS MY HUSBAND FOREVER~


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