[NEWS]Big Bang “Love & Hope” Concert Review on Josei Seven Magazine!

22 May


The concert started with a shocking performance of G-Dragon smashing a guitar. The venue looked like a dance floor with a lake of people holding there penlights.

TOP (23yrs) said infront of a heated fan, “Osaka was hot but TOKYO is also hot!”. SOL said that G-Dragon hurt his foot at the Osaka concert. And then G-Dragon said “It hurts a bit, but I’m alright!”.

The youngest, V.I said “Today, it’s friday the 13th. Isn’t it scary?” for some reason. Because he was kind of annoying, SOL grabbed his neck and lead him to the exit. And with this, everyone laughed a lot.

TOP joked next. After G-Dragon cooly said “Let’s get to the next song, CAFE.”, TOP asked “Is there ice coffee?” which made the venue burst even more.


V.I’s new impersonation for this tour is revealed.

“It’s alright in Disneyland! It’s called Mickey? I’m Mickey too! Dodosuko suko suko LOVE chu nyu♥”

To be honest, V.I’s impersonation didn’t look much like Tanoshingo’s. With this, the other members just smiled awkwardly. But only D-LITE (22yrs) said “Amazing! That was good!” with a grin.

That D-LITE who teased V.I, totally went into the world of the song when singing his solo and he let us hear his beautiful voice. There were fans who were crying. SOL, who also sang his solo, took off his jacket at the middle of the song and only had a tank top. It was stunning and it made the venue sigh.


For three days, G-Dragon kept pushing his injury and showed us great performances, but his foot’s limit is already approaching. At the encore stage, he could barely even walk.

V.I who was teased the day before, took a segway on stage for G-Dragon. Then G-Dragon rode it and continued the performance. This kind group love is probably one of BIGBANG’s charms.

At the last song, TOP shouted “Tokyo Don’t Cry!”, and also, SOL said “It’s the end today. We are sad too. But we’ll meet again.”.

“When you reach home, call me because I’m worried.” V.I joked until the end and his head was thrusted by G-Dragon. ”Love & Hope” had the best songs and laughs. We felt the love and hope because the five members were there.

HA~ I just love them! the coloured words are my favourites! TOP’s joke make me LOL so much! and there’s TOM & JERRY MOMENTS!! LOVEEEE IT!!

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CREDITS: Translated/Scanned: Rashel @ ibigbang

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