[NEWS] X-5 song “Fantasy” deemed as unsuitable for minors

22 May

X-5’s “Fantasy“, a track off of their “XENOS” debut album, has been rated as unsuitable for minors by the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family.

According to information revealed by their agency, Open World Entertainment, the song was classified as harmful to the youth due to a few words that alluded to unfavorable activity in the lyrics.

The lyrics that they’re holding in question are, “(Hey turn it up dance dance dance) In this night of illusion (party in the club).”

Representatives elaborated, “We’re unable to understand as to why the song must be banned just because it mentions a club. A majority of the songs these days include the term ‘club.’ The lyrics for ‘Fantasy’ don’t even include any sexually suggestive material in the lyrics, so we cannot comprehend why this song did not pass regulations.”

As reported earlier, songs that are judged as harmful media to the youth cannot be sold to minors under the age of 19, and also cannot be aired before 10 PM.

I can’t accept this. I mean, look at the lyrics…. ITS NOTHING! it’s not suitable because of the word “PARTY” ?? hm.. there’s songs that have “Party” in their title -.- Whatever it is I should not be emotional, 🙂 WE CAN STILL ENJOY THE SONG *cough*after10pm*cough*! =D

Source: allkpop


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