BEAST returns to Inkigayo with “The Fact” and “Fiction”

22 May

BEAST released their first official full length album on May 17th. Before the album’s release, BEAST released one of the ballad tracks from the album, “On Rainy Days,” which quickly claimed the top spot on online music charts.

On Thursday, BEAST performed their first comeback stage on M! Countdown with “On Rainy Days” and their title track, “Fiction.” On this week’s Music Bank, BEAST performed “Fiction.” Last night’s Music Core featured another double dose of the members of BEAST when they performed “The Fact” and “Fiction.”

Throughout their comeback performances, netizens have been making MR (music removed) versions of BEAST’s live stages. Upon noticing that the original and the MR versions are almost identical, netizens commented, “BEAST sounds exactly the same live” and “BEAST’s vocal abilities are showcased through their identical recordings and live performances.”

BEAST made their return to Inkigayo.Check out their performances of “The Fact” and “Fiction”below!

The Fact:




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