SM Entertainment thanks Peruvian K-pop fans for their love

19 May

Following France, Peru has stepped up as the country that’s vocalized its hunger for K-pop. Peruvian K-pop fans are asking for an “SM TOWN Live Concert“, and they’ve organized an “Open an SMTOWN” flash mob to bring some attention to their wish.

Approximately 500 fans got together in Lima’s Monterrico with large signs that read “SMTOWN IN PERU”, as well as the names of their favorite K-pop artists. They sang along to SNSD and SHINee’s songs, wore SNSD’s stage outfits, and made quite the overall statement.

On May 16th, a YouTube account uploaded a video pleading SM Entertainment to bring SMTOWN to Peru. Not only did it catch the attention of local radio and media outlets, but those in Korea as well.

The YouTube uploader said in an email interview on the 17th, “The people at the flash mob are just one chunk of the K-pop fans in Peru. On the 22nd, there will be events held in Lima, Arequipa, Ica, Cusco and more. We are looking for a bigger space in Lima to have an event. I hope Korea can see how many K-pop fans are in Peru.”

The fans are also speaking out through Facebook, Twitter and other blogging sites. The “SMTOWN IN PERU” Facebook page alone has 6,000 fans.

SM Entertainment stated, “We were so touched by and thankful of the warm support of Peruvian fans from across the world. We hope there will be a chance to perform in South America and meet the fans.”

Source: BNT News via Yahoo Korea
Tip: rts kyung-hyang

Sigh~ how lucky are they to catch the attention of SMEnt. SG SMTOWN fans!! Let’s do this!! I wanna see DBSK tooo~ ㅠㅠ

~admin jinhyunnie~

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