[NEWS] TOP didn’t have a driver’s license.

16 May

Big Bang recently guested on MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” and participated in the ‘Gangs of Seoul‘ special. While filming for the popular variety show, charismatic rapper T.O.P shocked everyone by revealing that he didn’t have a driver’s license.

During the segment, Big Bang drove to Han River to meet up with the “Infinity Challenge” members. Jung Joon Ha, who was driving the car, tried to give T.O.P the car keys, saying, “I’m giving the car keys to the boss.”

Seungri, who was sitting in the back seat, surprised the clueless comedian by revealing, “T.O.P hyung doesn’t know how to drive.” T.O.P confirmed Seungri’s statement by saying, “I don’t have a license yet.”

Netizens commented, “I was surprised that T.O.P didn’t know how to drive” and “I expected T.O.P to drive using only one hand“, showing their surprise at the charismatic ‘boss’ not yet knowing how to drive.

I’m sure alot of VIPS are shocked too! ah~ TOP is still hot and charismatic no matter what! 😛

Credits: AKP + NATE + ibb

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