[NEWS]110505 U-Know Yunho Sees ‘Tall-dols’ X-5 And Says, “I Thought We Were The Tallest..”

15 May

Rookie group X-5′s superior bodies have surprised even TVXQ.

X-5, who made an extravagant debut with their title song ‘Don’t Put On a Show’, are ‘Tall-dols’ who boast an average height of 186cm. They have made their mark in the eyes of the public with choreography that accentuates their long arms and legs as well as their explosive stage presence.

After wrapping up their first broadcast performance on KBS2′s ‘Music Bank’ on the 29th, X-5 met with reporters recently and said, “Because we’ve been constantly hearing about what broadcasting companies are like, it didn’t feel like something new to us. We just thought, ‘So this is what a broadcasting company is like.’”

Members continued on to talk about their first encounter with U-Know Yunho. U-Know Yunho at 184cm and Choikang Changmin at 186cm said to the X-5 members, “I though we were the tallest but I guess a group taller than us has finally come.”

The members of X-5 added, “We’ve been working hard to bow to our seniors whenever we get the chance because we want to leave them with a good impression of us,” and “It’s so great to be able to meet seniors who we saw on TV and wished to meet. We could feel their aura.”

Source: [tv daily]
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