[NEWS] B1A4 Tickets For The First Fan-Signing Event SOLD WITHIN 10 MINUTES.

12 May

Rookie group B1A4 opened their first fan-signing. At this fan autograph session, the 150 people who bought the album on the 7th at the Synnara Records Center are expected to show up. The fans who heard of this arrived at the store on the 7th early in the morning, much sooner than the store’s opening time, to form a line to receive the album and a number on a first-come-first-serve basis. In a matter of seconds, the numbers ran out. Especially, some fans who had come up from the country to wait in line and could not receive a number for the fan-signing begged to increase the number permitted in, while fans from overseas who did not make the cut wrote on forums that they would go to the scene of the signing during scheduled day in order to see them personally, which was a realization of B1A4’s explosive popularity. There is a flood of attention on B1A4’s official website and fancafe about B1A4, who are having their first fansigning just two weeks after their debut; not only Korean fans, but it is predicted that foreign fans as well are interested in gathering with the Korean fans at the scene of the signing. B1A4 relayed their feelings on their first ever fan-signing, saying, “Having a fan-signing under our name seems like a dream, but through this fan-signing we would like to convey our gratitude to all of you.” Meanwhile, going past the first fan-signing of their debut, after the excitement that B1A4 will feel from the signing, they are expected to appear in the Kim Dae-jung Convention Center on the coming 14th for the ‘Sharing Love M Super Concert” to continue their active promotions.

I’m just so proud to be their FAN! I just hope 1 day they will come to Singapore! Aish…NEED TO SAVE HELLA LOTS OF MONEY!

CREDITS: dkponews

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