[EVENTS/CONCERTS]K-Pop Heal the World!

12 May

ARTISTS T-ARA, T-MAX, MBLAQ, Afterschool, Orange Caramel, O school, Dharni
DURATION 4 (Hours) 00 (Minutes)
SEATING System Seating
TICKETS Cat 1 – S$228
Cat 2 – S$178
Cat 3 – S$118
* price(s) excludes booking fee
VENUE Singapore EXPO, MAX Pavilion, 1 Expo Drive

 K-Pop Heal the World is finally here! On June 4th 2011, Korean mega groups Afterschool and MBLAQ celebrate their newly released albums with a brand new show to light up the max pavilion; T-ARA celebrates a members birthday and perform catchy songs such as ‘bo peep’ for their first ever appearance in Singapore!, the band with attitude T-max rock the stage, and Orange Caramel will melt fans with their cute performances of songs such as ‘Bangkok city’!

Expect more surprises throughout the extended 4 hour long concert, as the K-Pop stars perform to raise awareness with the youth about natural disasters around the world.

The Acts:

Straight from the release of their first official full length album ‘Virgin’, the ever popular girl group of 9 ‘Afterschool’ will be gracing the stages of Singapore at K-Pop Heal the World!

Winners of ‘K-Pop New Artist of the Year’ at the Billboard Japan Music Awards, and ‘Best Newcomer’ Award at the 19th Seoul music awards, the sassy group have comeback this album with a new feel; one of classiness, pureness, and honesty. Songs such as ‘Shampoo’, produced by Japanese super-producer Daishi Dance and ‘Bang’ their smash hit, will rock the crowd on June 4th.

Orange Caramel
Afterschool’s cutesy sub-unit ‘Orange Caramel’, will arrive in Singapore to perform for the first time ever, to perform their brand new hits such as ‘Bangkok City’ and mandarin version of ‘The Day You Went Away’ . The new group of 3 have been gaining a large following, consisting of supporting fans that are watching the youngest and most innocent of the Afterschool members sing their hearts out! Winners of the ‘Photogenic Award’, Orange Caramel’s adorable looks bring a bubbly and fun stage show to the megastar concert!

The 7 member all-cute, all-girl band that has been taking the world by storm, T-ara will be landing on the shores of Singapore for the first time ever! Performing their smash hits such as ‘Like the first time’, and the catchy ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’! on a special T-stage, K-Pop fans will get to experience T-ara for a full explosive 40 minute performance! Expect nothing but smiles and surprises; As T-ara member Jiyeon celebrates her birthday in Singapore, and as K-Pop heal the world! is all about helping the world, T-ara may have a special song to perform for their Singapore fans..

Known as none other than Rain’s protege group, MBLAQ is the boy band of five that has stormed into the K-Pop world with their slick dance moves, serenading vocals and emotionally charged dance songs such as ‘Cry’, ‘Stay’, and ‘Y’. MBLAQ’s musical versatility has been their weapon in making their fans scream, chant, and cry to their songs, gaining them the reputation of being a formidable boy band with the talent, attitude, and of course-the looks and bods to match!
Living up to their name (Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality), the group of singers/rappers are coming to Singapore after celebrating the success of their 2011 album release BLAQ STYLE. With a performance on the same caliber as Rain prepared especially for their Singapore fans, MBLAQ will shine in all their glory on June 4th at K-Pop Heal the World 2011!

Known as the Korean version of Japan’s superstar group ‘Arashi’, the 4 hearthrobs that make up ‘T-Max’ will be rocking the expo with songs such as ‘Fight the bad feeling’ , ‘Blooming’, ’Don’t be rude’ and ‘Bang Bang Boom’. T-Max’s popularity has never been bigger, since member Kim Joon’s drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ has catapulted the group to stardom. Watch T-Max perform ‘Paradise’ for the first ever time in Singapore at K-Pop heal the world! 2011.

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So guys! what are you guys waiting for??!

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