(PHOTO) Seungri me2Day update!

06 May

일본에서도 BIGBANG!!! 비끄방그 비끄방그!!! 오늘밤 6 : 00 pm 빅뱅 일본에서의 모든걸 볼수있습니다 !지금당장 네이버 에 YG on air 를 검색하세요
TAGS: 윌아이엠 2ne1 빅뱅 시부야 하라주쿠 온에어
Trans: In Japan it’s also BIGBANG! Big bang Big bang!! You would be able to watch what Bigbang is doing in japan at 6:00!
So please log into Naver search YG on air
TAGS: WILL I AM 2NE1 BIG BANG Shibuya, Harajuku, On Air
credit:vioffbb/me2day + Trans from chinese to english by kwonliyan@BBW and @_BIGBANGisVIP
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